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Black Friday Special

By on November 28, 2019

Take advantage of one of our Black Friday Special deals!*



10% off
60 minute Deep Tissue Massage with Kevin
60 minute Hot Stone Massage with Elizabeth
60 minute Osteopathy with Chantel 

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25% off
Select retail in Studio:
All Essential oils
Himalayan Bath Salt 1kg
Vivier Skin Care Products 

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40% off
SculpSure for Body 2 treatments on one area
SculpSure for Submental 2 treatments

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*Limit of one of each specials per person. Offer expires Monday December 2nd, 2019. Must be used before January 31st, 2020.  Redemption of paid portion towards any service is allowed if not redeemed prior to January 31st, 2020. Offer valid for use with Medicard financing. Offer not to be modified.

New Services: Body Contouring & Non Surgical Face Lift

By on June 17, 2019

We are excited to announce
we have added two amazing treatments to better serve our clients

sculpsure non surgical body contouring Calgary
Tempsure painless face lift Calgary

Please click on the above buttons and check out the details.

If you want to schedule an appointment
please call 403-266-4535


NOTE: Financing through Medicard is a now available to our clients.
medicard financing for Relaxing Wellness Calgary


5 pillars that make up a healthy, balanced body and mind

By on February 3, 2018

1. SLEEP ~ Research shows several tasks are carried out during sleep to help humans stay healthy and functioning their best. Your brain is hard at work forming pathways necessary for learning, accessing memories and creating new insights. Lack of sleep can affect your Wellness company Calgary SEbehaviour and cause problems with mood, ability to focus, attention and reflexes. Long term, chronic lack of sleep can increase obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular issues and decrease the body’s ability to resist infection. Sleep is vital to our wellbeing.

2. MINDSET ~ Healthy mind equals healthy body. More evidence is linking mindset and being present to health and wellbeing, performing better at work and in athletic events. Nurturing ones own mental health can also help prevent mental health problems associated with a chronic physical condition.

3. PLAY ~ Humans of all ages benefit from cognitive play. Play helps release endorphins; “the body’s own feel good chemicals.” These hormones promote a sense of wellbeing and offer temporarily relief of pain. The social benefit of play helps stimulate the mind to ward off stress and depression. Play can boost energy, vitality and creativity. Find strategies to incorporate play in your life to help you feel and look your best naturally.

4. FOOD ~ Our North American diet contributes to obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes psychological disorders and all inflammation related disease. Current research on the microbiome proves food is associated with anemia, depression, learning and behavioural problems and unhealthy gut. Understanding the connections between food and wellbeing is imperative in maintaining health.

5. MOVEMENT ~ Exercise is one of the most effective ways to improve your overall mental and physical health. By increasing activity the risk of hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancers, and Alzheimer’s all decrease.

Activities that best suits your current ability, budget and lifestyle will provide the most health benefits because you will stick with them long after the New Year’s resolution!

How to choose a massage therapist in Calgary

By on December 1, 2017

Need a massage therapist but not sure how to choose the best one for you?

Massage therapy is one of the most popular methods of pain reduction and improvement of the quality of life. If you want to get excellent services, you need to shop around. massage therapist Calgary, find a massage therapist, Calgary SE,

Not everything that shines is gold and not everything advertised is true. And if you are looking for a massage therapist in Calgary you should do some research. It’s not easy to find a good one and it might take some time and money spent on testing. To scale down the risk of wasting your time and money you should do your homework before and during your first visit.

  1. Pick your location

In a city as large as Calgary, make sure you determine the best area you want to start your research at. Even though the SE massage therapist your auntie recommended you sounded so great, you do not want to drive there from the opposite part of Calgary, where you live and spend more time driving than with the actual massage. The best location will be close to your home or your work for more convenience. You can get really tired after the massage and long drive or sitting in the traffic jam is the last thing you would want to do.

  1. Ask for recommendations and look at the reviews

The recommendations are important when looking for a quality massage therapist. Ask your family, friends or colleagues and than look online for the reviews. Every person’s expectations and experiences are different and unique, but you can get some feeling about the place or therapist from these reviews. To be on the safe side make sure the massage therapist is registered and practices the specific massage modality you are interested in (therapeutic, sports massage, deep tissue massage, etc).

  1. Have your questions ready

Before you book your first visit, there are some factors to consider. In most cases you should be able to find answers to your questions online, if not you can simply phone to get the information you need. The basic questions to ask can be following – What type of education do they have? Are they licensed/registered? How long have they been practicing for? What are their methods of practice? What types of clients they usually work with? How long does it take to get the appointment? How long the session will be and what´s the price?

  1. Know what do you want

Ask yourself what is the ideal outcome of the massage therapy for you. Is there specific part of your body that needs attention? Do you want to treat certain medical condition? Or do you simply need to get rid of the tension in your body? Or, with the best scenario, you might just want to treat yourself with rejuvenating and relaxing massage.

  1. “Test” your  massage therapist

If you don’t try it, you can’t tell if it’s right for you. There are few things to pay attention to. A good massage therapist should be interested in your life style, find out if you had any injuries and ask what your expectations and goals are. Throughout the session the therapist should check if the pressure is OK for you or if it needs to be adjusted. Do not forget that the therapist is there for you and not vice versa and don´t be afraid to tell him/her if you are not feeling comfortable or if you have any questions. Good therapist should give you some advice about the after-care too such as if you should do some stretching or use specific products or ice pack. You should not feel forced into purchasing expensive supplements or products though unless there is real reason for it.

To find the right massage therapist can be a long journey, you will probably have to try few different ones before you get the right one. After a good massage you should feel relaxed and rejuvenated, even though a little bit of pain and stiffness could be experienced too, but this should go away within couple of days.

Do not forget to drink a lot of water to flush the toxins that got released and if you feel lightheaded right after the massage have a little snack.

If you think you found the right massage therapist at the right location in Calgary, schedule your next appointment and start working on your “well-being” goals.

Relaxing Wellness Gratitude Event 2017

By on September 28, 2017

We are grateful for our clients.

Enjoy this montage of our 2017 Gratitude Event.

See you next year!

An Evening to Celebrate YOU!

By on September 6, 2017


An Evening to Celebrate YOU!

Join us Friday, September 22 from 5pm to 8pm for our open house!

  • • Meet our awesome team!
  • • DJ Jeff will be spinning some mingle music (
  • • Our professional photographer Monique de St. Croix will capture your smiles during our Foto Fun
  • Dr. Rob will lead our drumming circle and ceremony at 6 pm. Bring your drum or an empty water jug and join in
  • • We will have samples from our Canadian skin care reps
  • Character artist Kelly from Big Kettle of Fish will be doodling
  • • Stacked Swag bags for the first 30 guests
  • Wine sampling throughout the night
  • • We will be serving some nibble food and the famous Jon’s Pizza
  • • Bring a friend and be entered to win $300 in the Vivier products
  • • Check out the evening’s awesome door prizes: Osteopathy, Cupping Massage, Acupuncture, Specialized facials, Craniosacral, Homeopathy, Skin Rejuvenation, Reflexology, Ryan Argan oil, our favorite products, Gift Certificates and much, much more….

We are grateful for you. See you there!

Address:  Suite #32, 20 Douglas Woods Drive SE, Calgary  See Map       Call: 403-266-4535

Laser Hair Removal – 5 Benefits

By on August 29, 2017

5 Reasons You Should Use Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal calgary se, douglasdale laser hair removal, Mckenzie Lake hair removalIt’s a boring day and your friends just called you to go swimming with them. Sounds great, it’s going to be fun. But wait, oh no, you have not shaved your legs for couple of weeks, not since your last waxing appointment. So, what now? Shave and go and reschedule your  waxing treatment for a later date or find an excuse and be even more bored? Life sucks. But it doesn’t have to. Laser hair removal offers permanent solution to unwanted hair growth and has other benefits as well.

  1. Smoother skin

We all admire the smooth skin of the models on TV and in magazines but let’s face it, waxing hurts. Your skin gets red and irritated and shaving makes your hair even more coarse and after 1or 2 days your legs feel like sand paper. Not sexy. This is not the case with the laser hair removal treatment.

  1. Save money

The cost of the laser hair removal may be discouraging. It is not cheap, but in the long run you save a lot of money. Have you ever counted how much you spend on razors, waxing sessions or hair removal creams in one year? Multiplied by the number of years you’ve been trying to get rid of that unwanted hair? If you compare the numbers, you might be surprised and find out, that you actually save money with laser hair removal.

  1. No ingrown hair

As the hair gets broken off after waxing or shaving, it might stay under your skin instead of rising up from it. It is nothing serious, but is definitely irritating and it can be painful too. If an ingrown hair becomes infected you should see your doctor; he or she might need to cut your skin. Laser directly targets the hair follicle; the heat destroys the hair and all the bacteria as well.

  1. Save time

Simple. You don’t need to shave daily. No time spent shopping for hair removal creams or other products. No need for waxing appointments at the spa. No driving to the appointments. Which means more time for yourself and things you actually like doing.

  1. More freedom

You can wear your mini skirt anytime, shorts in summer every day, you don’t have to feel embarrassed when you go for a date and did not have the time to shave that morning. Swimming or hot tub with your friends? No brainer!

Laser hair removal depends on your skin type, sex, hair strength and hormone levels. You can notice significant reduction in hair after couple of treatments. For maximum hair reduction you usually need 4 to 8 sessions. After the initial set of treatments, it is recommended to go for maintenance treatment once or twice a year to target newly grown hair.

Laser hair removal is effective method, it gives you the feeling of freedom and confidence and makes your life easier.

Schedule an appointment or contact us for more information.

Relaxation Detox Facial

By on July 25, 2017

Sensational summer skin

Clear is just around the corner!facial Calgary, free 15 min facial consultation Calgary SE

Summer is an excellent time to show off your beautiful skin.  Pampering yourself with a facial at our spa is easy and relaxing.

Benefits of our medical grade facial:

  • • Helps to improve and even out skin tone
  • • Rejuvenated appearance
  • • Fresh healthy glow
  • • Unclogged pores
  • • Improves lymphatic drainage
  • • Overall relaxation

We use quality anti aging and organic Canadian made products.

Take advantage of our  15 minute complimentary consultation.

Schedule your consultation now. Beautiful skin awaits!

5 Reasons to See a Reflexologist

By on June 2, 2017

Most of us have already heard about reflexology and know it is one of the most efficient methods of integrative medicine. By applying pressure on the client’s feet and hands the reflexologist affects the reflex points that correspond with different body parts and organs.reflexology Calgary SE

Reflexology can:

  • • relieve pain,
  • • reduce stress and
  • • release blocked energy.

If you suffer from any of the following problems, you could benefit from a visit to a reflexologist. There are many wellness centers who offer reflexology services in Calgary.

  1. Digestive issues

If you experience constipation or diarrhea, have irritable bowel syndrome or other form of digestive issue, reflexologist can help with focusing on the reflex areas of digestive organs such as stomach, liver or gallbladder.

  1. Stress

Stress on the cellular level equals to energetic exhaustion and it is an important factor in many illnesses. One of the most sensitive areas on our feet is the solar plexus point. Working on this point helps restore inner balance and release the expletive energy, so you should feel more relaxed.

  1. Edema

The swelling is a result of fluid accumulation under the skin. It mostly occurs in the feet and legs or under the eyes and around the belly. It shows that the body is not able to get rid of the toxins completely. Reflexology stimulates and cleanses the lymphatic system and balances the amount of liquid in different parts of the body.

  1. Headaches

 The cause of the regular headaches lays in majority of the cases in the spine. This kind of pain starts in the center of our head and moves to the front or it starts above the forehead and spreads throughout the whole head. The tricky part is that we don’t even have to have any obvious troubles with our back. Reflexology can bring you instant relief and also improve other areas of your body that were affected by the spine issues as well.

  1. Lack of energy

Reflexology is one of the natural methods to combat fatigue. According to your specific condition the therapist stimulates different points in order to restore the natural flow of energy.

There are many other areas where reflexology can help, like insomnia, diabetes and detoxification. It is also a great diagnostic method which can be helpful in situations when you can’t seem to figure out “what’s wrong with you”.

And the best thing? Who doesn’t like to get a good foot rub once in a while?

The reflexology practitioner at our wellness center in Calgary’s SE
is experienced and well respected. Schedule and appointment  online.

Also, if you have any comments or would like to know more about reflexology please comment below.

Relaxing Wellness at Calgary Foothills Invitational Cup

By on May 6, 2017

Relaxing Wellness is participating as the on site aid station and one of the Official Sponsors of the Calgary Foothills Invitational Cup. Check out the action this weekend (starting Thursday, May 4th)

You can check out up to date scores and tournament photos on the tournament Twitter page @YYCFoothillsCup.

Crazy injuries on day one already.

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