Bone health and Vitamin D


Did you know…Vitamin D is not a vitamin?homeopathyic therapy in Calgary SE bone heatlh

Is it a “bone vitamin”, or is it really a sun hormone??

It is a chemical that we make on our skin from sun exposure and yet it’s not in the food we regularly eat. Only the UVB wavelength of light makes Vitamin D mainly through eyes and our bare backs.

It’s also a hormone.

This is very important to understand as you take lead of your own health. Using the proper word “hormone” is a reminder that “D” affects multiple parts of the body, it is essential to every cell in the body.

It has been mislabeled and it is supplemented into food by “big industry” such as in dairy. A cup of milk has only 100 IU (international units.) You would need to drink 100 cups of milk a day to keep from being Vitamin D deficient.

As a Homeopath, I look for Vitamin B deficiencies and treat with homeopathic combinations. How the D hormone interacts with the B Vitamin is a complete part of therapy.

Too much Vitamin D in certain bodies will have a catastrophic affect and yet it is being super pumped into every body as of 2014. With the right tools your body has the ability to repair.

Our team of experts will help you look and feel your best naturally!!

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