I became personally motivated to work with The Relaxing Wellness Company in the role of part time “Client Care Specialist” because my goal is to meet all of you so that when I graduate I can serve you better!

I believe profoundly on healing the body with natural remedies. And through my studies I am in the process of becoming an expert at how the body works.

The combination of my training in massage therapy and acupuncture medicine is exciting. My clients will be satisfied with their treatments due to my fresh outlook and technical knowledge.

I’m completely looking forward to my work as an RMT in February 2018 and completing my Doctorate of acupuncture in 2020. I’ll be your great practitioner of natural medicine!

RWC is mentoring Juliet as one of our Student practitioners and while in school she is one of our awesome Client Care Specialists. Her lifetime learning includes:

• Orthopedic Massage (student 2018)
• College of Acupuncture (student 2020)

When Juliet is away from the Studio you’ll find her focusing on her studies. She enjoys photo shoots, working out, practicing Yoga, attending church and volunteering at the “Making Changes Association” where she helps arrange clothes to donate to low income Women.