7 reasons why to have regular massage

Feeling weighed down? Out of energy? Drained from joy? Body work offers an endorphin release so you can turn the negative into a positive. And in this cold Calgary weather what could be better than enjoying soothing massage in a warm and relaxing environment?

Massage therapy has many other great “side effects”, some of them are listed below.

7 Massage benefits

  1. Pain management

Pain reduction is one of the most common reasons for people to go to see a massage therapist. Serotonin that is being released during the massage acts as body’s natural painkiller. Massage can also bring improvement in pain, stiffness and physical function for those suffering with arthritis.

  1. Skin tone improvement

Massage causes blood to flow to the areas that are being worked and this improved circulation invigorates our skin and complexion. It’s very common for a healthy glow to accompany us after a good massage.

  1. Stronger immunity

Many people don’t know that massage also serves as a significant immune system booster. Researchers working with clients with weakened immune systems have found that massage therapy can improve how the immune system functions.

  1. Anxiety decrease

Regular massage is technique widely used in many cultures to treat chronic stress and anxiety. It reduces the severity of moderate anxiety in general, and especially when anxiety is related to work stress or the anticipation of invasive medical procedures.

  1. Mobility Increase

Massage can loosen up and relax the muscles and bring more oxygen in the tissue, which can minimize joint and nerve compression while increasing mobility, flexibility and range of motion.

  1. Quicker Injury Recovery

Massage is effective in resetting the muscle to greater relaxation. It helps the body naturally increase circulation on it’s own. By massaging muscles and adding input to the nervous system, the body is stimulated to heal and recover faster.

  1. Honoring your body

Our body is here for us everyday, it does so much work to keep us alive, it takes us places, allows us to feel pleasure, or pain when something goes wrong. Regular massage is one of the best ways of showing gratitude to our body. It feels so good to receive the touch and the effects it has on our mood, mind and spirit are priceless.

In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.”
~Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Biochemist, Nobel Prize Winner


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