Top Grass Beef is:
Naturally Delicious
Grass Fed, Grass Finished – never fed grain their entire lives
Free Range – never confined to a Feedlot their entire lives
Raised without – antibiotics or added hormones, no animal by products, no GMO’s or chemicals on their land
Third Party audited and verified
Federally Inspected

“Our goal is to provide our customers with a healthy product
that tastes great and is reasonably priced.”


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  • • Beef
  • • Salmon
  • • Seafood
  • • Honey

Dr. Craig Young is the founder of
Orijin Dentistry in Calgary

He simply loves what he does; not just the dentistry aspect, but the holistic and integrative aspects, too.

Treating the root of a problem, rather than the symptom.

Dr. Trevor Hoffman is one of the founders of Paradigm Health Group.

His practice has focused mainly on sports injuries, pain management, regenerative medicine, and autoimmune disease.

Drinking Water for a Healthy Life
Revitalizing Communities (Locally & Globally) with Clean Water.

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  • Water delivery
  • Water fills in store