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About Me

Rhonda RMT Massage therapist at Relaxing Wellness Calgary

Coming from a corporate background, I understand stress and how it affects the body. Though my previous career challenged me in amazing ways, I always felt that I wanted to help people in a more meaningful and tangible way. Massage Therapy was a natural fit to my goals for my own wellness, and thus I switched careers.

As a student I have learned a variety of techniques to help with relaxation, pain, and fascial restrictions. It is always my mission to help you achieve your wellness goals.

Rhonda is a graduate of the 2200 RMT Program at  MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy and has level 1 Somatic Exercise Teacher Training.

Her lifetime learnings include:

  • Certificate in Business Management specializing in Risk Management
  • Advanced Certified Insurance Professional

Rhonda has many other roles outside of Massage Therapy. Mother, wife, and artist to name a few. In addition, she is an avid weightlifter, captain and paddler of a competitive women’s dragon boat team and retired roller derby player.

"Health is not valued till sickness comes."
- Thomas Fuller -

Being in a customer-centric industry, we work single-mindedly with the vision of being the leader of healthcare providers across all ages and social structure such that we are synonymous as the ultimate health care choice for all.

We seek to improve constantly and are working to get the best technology and the best of talent to foster excellence in patient care and treatment.


I had a glorious 90 mins with Trish. I highly recommend the Detox Massage and think everyone should get that done 2-3 times a year. Love The Relaxing Wellness Company! Everyone is professional and very good at what they do. Love the spa like decor and it's always so clean! I would give it 5 stars!

Roxie Calgary

The Relaxing Wellness Center has been a great find for myself and my family. I work out rigorously 6 days a week. Their knowledge and technique for massage and cupping has helped my body change and grow tremendously in under a year!

Lisa Logan