Reiki Benefits

You probably heard about Reiki and its benefits, you might even know people who have received Reiki treatments in Calgary but maybe you are not sure what those Reiki benefits are. reiki Calgary, reiki benefits

Reiki has many benefits. It is an energy healing technique that is now used worldwide.

Mentions of energy healing appear in the first written records of man. The modern history of healing by touching hands begins in the 19th century and probably the most known and popular method of energy work these days is Reiki.

The founder of Reiki was Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. The word Reiki itself contains of two parts – Rei which means something like Higher or Spiritual Power and Ki which is life force energy. So we can basically translate Reiki as spiritually guided life force energy.

Reiki treats physical, mental, emotional and spiritual parts of the human being creating many beneficial effects.

Here are some Reiki benefits:

Stress relief
Our everyday hustle and bustle, fear, anxiety, emotions that we picked up from other people or our own feelings can be a reason for stuck energy in our main energy centres known as chakras. Reiki helps remove these blocks in chakras, so the energy can flow freely through your body making you feel relaxed and more grounded. It improves quality of sleep as well.

Pain relief
On physical level, Reiki helps the body to get rid of harmful substances. It also triggers your natural healing forces making it easier for your body to deal with different issues such as migraines, chronic fatigue or asthma symptoms. It reduces swelling, pain and inflammation and helps heal burnt skin.

Recovery speed up
Reiki can be used to decrease the time of recovery after surgeries or from long or short term illnesses. It also tends to reduce side effects of medicinal treatments and medication. The energy of Reiki is not the cure though, it does not really heal on its own, but it creates that supportive space for healing to happen.

Emotional balance
During our lifetime we collect a whole range of emotions. Some are good and pleasant, some not so much. Those emotions that no longer serve us and are trapped in our bodies can weigh us down and sometime hold us back from moving on in life. Energy healing helps us clear these heavy feelings and bring back inner peace, power and control over our lives.

Clear mind
Regular Reiki sessions can benefit you by bring you to a calmer state of mind in which you are more easily capable of coping with everyday life. Reiki also reduces mood swings, enhances memory and learning and begets mental clarity. It supports you in staying in the present moment and be more cautious about your actions and reactions.

Reiki is not a remedy for every illness. Some people can feel the change in their energy field and its effects immediately during the treatment, some people experience the shift after few hours or couple of days, others just feel different or don’t feel anything at all. Whether you feel it or not, Reiki is supposed to still work for you. And on the conscious level you can consider using its 5 principles:

Just for today, do not be angry
Just for today, do not worry
Just for today, be grateful
Just for today, work hard
Just for today, be kind to others.

If each of us would implement these principles in our everyday lives we could definitely benefit form Reiki and make this world a better place, don’t you think?

If you want to experience Reiki and its benefits first hand please
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