5k Family Run Calgary 2019 – Douglas Quarry BBQ

Relaxing Wellness Company is proud sponsor of 5k Family Fun Run/Walk & BBQ at Douglas Quarry, Calgary JOIN US! September 7th, 2019 Race Starts at 10 am, BBQ Events to Follow at 11 am.

New Services: Body Contouring & Non Surgical Face Lift

We are excited to announce we have added two amazing treatments to better serve our clients Please click on the above buttons and check out the details. If you want to schedule an appointment please call 403-266-4535    

7 reasons why to have regular massage

Feeling weighed down? Out of energy? Drained from joy? Body work offers an endorphin release so you can turn the negative into a positive. And in this cold Calgary weather what could be better than enjoying soothing massage in a …
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Tendonitis Treatment

Tendonitis is a painful inflammation of a tendon. Causes The most common cause is overuse, although infection or rheumatic disease are also factors. Tendonitis is also common in people who play certain types of sports such as running, tennis, etc.. …
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Found it!

Practitioners who are a culture fit are like a needle in a haystack. We welcome Michelle to our Studio.  Our commitment to excellence has allowed us to build a talked about and revered culture where highly qualified Practitioners desire to …
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Why have a homeopathic cleanse?

Over the years I have heard it all on how to maintain fitness and physique. The equation has never changed: create a caloric deficit. So how does this equation remain the same over the years and yet become less effective …
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Reiki Benefits

You probably heard about Reiki and its benefits, you might even know people who have received Reiki treatments in Calgary but maybe you are not sure what those Reiki benefits are. Reiki has many benefits. It is an energy healing …
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Bone health and Vitamin D

  Did you know…Vitamin D is not a vitamin? Is it a “bone vitamin”, or is it really a sun hormone?? It is a chemical that we make on our skin from sun exposure and yet it’s not in the …
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5 pillars that make up a healthy, balanced body and mind

Wellness company Calgary SE
1. SLEEP ~ Research shows several tasks are carried out during sleep to help humans stay healthy and functioning their best. Your brain is hard at work forming pathways necessary for learning, accessing memories and creating new insights. Lack of …
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How to choose a massage therapist in Calgary

massage therapist Calgary, find a massage therapist, Calgary SE,
Need a massage therapist but not sure how to choose the best one for you? Massage therapy is one of the most popular methods of pain reduction and improvement of the quality of life. If you want to get excellent …
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