Our regime of facials will remove, smooth and tighten your skin through the use of quality products and safe techniques.

Remove – Microdermabrasion
A safe, gentle method to remove dead skin cells from the skin’s surface. Brighten your skin’s appearance with a microdermabrasion facial treatment, recommended every 2-3 months, to remove deep impurities and flush pores.

Smooth – Medical Peels and Masques
From mild enzyme peels to more intense treatments of 70% Glycolic, medical peels can be customized to your skin type and social needs. Medical peels can be modified to brighten dull skin or reach the deeper layers in one application. Use to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, treat and prevent acne, decrease oiliness, reduce redness, deep clean pores, diminish hyper pigmentation, treat ingrown hairs and reduce the visibility of age spots. Our variety of masques will sooth, detoxify and nourish dehydrated skin. Recommended every 1-2 months

Tighten – laser Photo facials
Using medical laser technology, qualified and trained technicians provide the deepest treatment to your skin with photo rejuvenation. You will have long lasting results and natural aging prevention with an increase of collagen production.

We use the IPL Laser System to target vascular and hyper pigmentation imperfections in the skin. Collagen production will increase, leaving the skin looking naturally tightened and revived.

Laser technology can also treat the following skin conditions: sun damage, broken capillaries, skin tags, age spots, sun damage, rosacea, enlarged pores and uneven skin tone. Recommended every 6-8 months

Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair is reduced and removed safely and affordably. A gentle beam of light targets the hair follicles, leaving the skin unchanged as it disables the follicles from future hair growth. Laser hair removal is ideal for men and women who desire a permanent solution to any unwanted hair growth in a discrete treatment environment.

Calgary Laser Hair Removal

Laser Teeth Whitening

Enjoy immediate results after one treatment of laser whitening. Our trained technicians use laser technology to brighten smiles by 2-8 shades in a method that is safe for gums, will not damage enamel and will not result in sensitivity.

Fractional Laser

Restore your skin to its youthful appearance naturally with laser skin resurfacing. Using the Palomar Starlux500 with the Lux1440 fractional hand piece, non-ablative resurfacing initiates the natural healing process to begin the formation of healthy vibrant, new tissue. It is the only skin resurfacing system approved by the FDA. Amazing results can be achieved in as little as two to four treatments.

Fracctional Skin Resurfacing