Fundraiser BBQ Calgary

5k Family Run Calgary 2019 – Douglas Quarry BBQ

Relaxing Wellness Company is proud sponsor of 5k Family Fun Run/Walk & BBQ at Douglas Quarry, Calgary. JOIN US! September 7th, 2019 …

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New Services: Body Contouring & Non Surgical Face Lift

We are excited to announce we have added two amazing treatments to better serve our clients …

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7 Massage benefits

7 Reasons Why to Have Regular Massage

Feeling weighed down? Out of energy? Drained from joy? Body work offers an endorphin release so you can turn the negative into a positive. And in this cold Calgary weather what could be better than …

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treating tendonitis at our Calgary wellness centre with osteopathy and massage

Tendonitis Treatment

Tendonitis is a painful inflammation of a tendon.
The most common cause is overuse, although infection or rheumatic disease are also factors. Tendonitis is also common in people who …

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found the right wellness practitioner for our massage clinic in Calgary SE

Found it!

Practitioners who are a culture fit are like a needle in a haystack.

We welcome Michelle to our Studio …

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homeopath Calgary

Why have a homeopathic cleanse?

Over the years I have heard it all on how to maintain fitness and physique.

The equation has never changed: create a …

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reiki Calgary, reiki benefits

Reiki Benefits

You probably heard about Reiki and its benefits, you might even know people who have received Reiki treatments in Calgary but maybe you are not sure what those Reiki benefits are. Reiki has many benefits. It is …

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homeopathyic therapy in Calgary SE bone heatlh

Bone health and Vitamin D

Did you know…Vitamin D is not a vitamin?
Is it a “bone vitamin”, or is it really a sun hormone??
It is a chemical that we make on our skin from sun exposure and yet it’s not …

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Wellness company Calgary SE

5 pillars that make up a healthy, balanced body and mind

1. SLEEP ~ Research shows several tasks are carried out during sleep to help humans stay healthy and functioning their best. Your brain is …

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massage therapist Calgary, find a massage therapist, Calgary SE,

How to choose a massage therapist in Calgary

Massage therapy is one of the most popular methods of pain reduction and improvement of the quality of life. If you want to get excellent services, you …

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Relaxing Wellness Gratitude Event 2017

We are grateful for our clients
Enjoy this montage of our 2017 Gratitude Event
See you next year!

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An Evening to Celebrate YOU!

Join us Friday, September 22 from 5pm to 8pm for our open house!
• Meet our awesome team!
• DJ Jeff will be spinning some …

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laser hair removal calgary se, douglasdale laser hair removal, Mckenzie Lake hair removal

Laser Hair Removal – 5 Benefits

It’s a boring day and your friends just called you to go swimming with them. Sounds great, it’s going to be fun. But wait, oh no, you have not shaved your legs for couple of weeks, not since your last …

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facial Calgary, free 15 min facial consultation Calgary SE

Relaxation Detox Facial

Summer is an excellent time to show off your beautiful skin. Pampering yourself with a facial at our spa is easy and relaxing.
Benefits of our medical grade facial include …

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reflexology Calgary SE

5 Reasons to See a Reflexologist

Most of us have already heard about reflexology and know it is one of the most efficient methods of integrative medicine. By applying pressure on the client’s feet and hands the reflexologist affects the reflex points that …

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Relaxing Wellness at Calgary Foothills Invitational Cup

Relaxing Wellness will be here as the on site aid station and one of the Official Sponsors of the Calgary Foothills Invitational Cup. Check out the action this weekend (starting Thursday, May 4th) …

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Deep tissue massage therapy Calgary SE

Massage therapy and your car

Have you ever looked at buying a used car? What sort of things were important on your list? I bet a key thing you looked for is a car that was well maintained, had regular oil changes, and wasn’t prone to …

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Osteopathy treatment Calgary

Osteopathy treatment

Osteopathy is a philosophy of health based on the following principles:
1) The body is a unit.
2) Structure and function are reciprocally inter-related.
3) The body possesses self-regulatory mechanisms …

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spa, massage, wellness, valentine, Calgary, gift card, facial

Valentine’s Day Gift Card

Sweetheart Special 2017. Purchase a $100 Gift Card for Valentine’s Day towards any of our services and receive a BONUS Gift Certificate for a 30 minute Specialized Facial Treatment. Valued at $75. Offer ends …

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ostopathy, massage, craniosacral, acupuncture, wellness center Calgary

Bad posture?

It begins with structure and we are here to help with Osteopathy, Massage therapy, Acupuncture and Craniosacral Therapy. ostopathy, massage, craniosacral, acupuncture, wellness center Calgary. Here’s some tips …

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Wellness Center Calgary SE, Wellness Centre Douglasdale McKenzie Lake

Why visit our Wellness Centre in Calgary SE

Our team will get you back doing what you love!
It all starts with Alignment so the rest is a success. Then working on increased Mobility. Motor Control and Stability are honed to reduce future issues …

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Thank You for attending our Open House party!

We embrace your journey and we are grateful to be a part of it. We express our gratitude first and foremost for the support our clients have provided and are …

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Open House – Relaxing Wellness in Douglasdale

Relaxing Wellness is excited to announce our Open House is scheduled for Saturday, September 17th from 5 pm to 8 pm. We’ve hired “Frazer” from DJ Flo for some mingle music …

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CranioSacral Therapy Benefits

CranioSacral Therapy Benefits

CranioSacral therapy is a light touch therapy that works to release restrictions from the connective tissue around the brain and spinal column. This allows for …

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laser skin removal, laser skin resurfacing, Calgary SE, Douglasdale

Laser Skin Resurfacing

What is laser skin resurfacing and why use it?

Fractional laser skin resurfacing is a procedure that is used to rebuild the framework of the skin in a safe and affordable way …

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shoulder massage

Interview – How can Osteopathy help?

A brief interview with Dan Renaud, in training to be a Manual Osteopath.

Question: There is a new service you are providing called Manual Osteopathy, I was wondering if you could …

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