Specialty Massage

Pamper yourself with this
amazing specialty massage!
Relax, Energize, Revitalize!

A delightful 90 minutes

1. Soft Synergy Drops with Warm Stones
Harmonize your energies, relax relentless tensions and release toxins with kisses of healing essential oils and slow deep strokes of massage with warm polished Basalt stones. You emerge from this experience, calm, centered and deeply restored.

Recommended for: “I’m exhausted! Overworked and overstressed. I need a break.”

2. Cranial Sacral & Energy Balancing
Push pause. Lie back and enjoy those soft touches to the spine and cranial bones that encourage the nervous system to relax deeply held tensions. Restoring your natural cranial rhythm, will satisfy the entire body. And then comes the comfort of joint & myo-fascial release balancing your body’s energy flows, while elevating your mood to new heights.

Recommended for: “I’m off balance. I feel tired all the time and I can never seem to relax”

3. Emotional Embrace with Swedish Massage
Unwind the mind and body with traditional Swedish massage and advanced emotional release techniques that help release the tensions and restrictions hidden deep within the body from negative emotions. This together with chakra balancing will leave you rejuvenated.

Recommended for: “I need to center and restore, I feel spent too often and need to explore more calm.
I need to remember how to just enjoy sitting with myself enjoying my own thoughts.”

4. Detoxification Massage Wrap
Our detoxification massage wrap is the ultimate in whole body detox, relaxation and rejuvenation. Be prepared to be totally relaxed and rejuvenated with our 100% natural, detoxifying and moisturizing massage.

Recommended for: “I feel sluggish and need to get rid of toxins built up in my body. I want to feel rejuvenated.”