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ends last day of summer (September 23rd)


50% OFF Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal uses light waves to destroy active hair follicles. Results are permanent and are always complimentary.

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laser hair removal

1 Complimentary Homeopathic Consultation

45 minute consultation ($80 value)

We would be happy to discuss detoxification with you and set you on a path of healthy living. Read more…

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1 Complimentary Osteopathic Manual Therapy

30 minute consultation ($80 value)

Through the use of slow soft joint movement and specific stretching techniques to increase range of motion, the goal is reduce the pain you are experiencing. Read more…

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SAVE $25 on Acupuncture Initial Consultation

Acupuncture can successfully treat acute & chronic pain, insomnia, hormonal dysfunction, arthritis and addictive behavior. Want to know more about acupuncture? Read more…

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