Tattoo Removal

Our Alma Q-Switched Laser with the new “Next Generation Technology” now provides a safe and effective way of removing tattoos leaving natural looking skin.

Treatment time and healing time are dependent on the tattoo size. In addition to tattoo removal we also offer skin resurfacing to aid the appearance of the skin. We have lasers that can help correct scarring and skin laxity. This treatment would be considered if you are looking to add a new tattoo in the area where the old one was removed. Consultations required.

Benefits of Tattoo Removal:

  • Less painful than other laser treatment systems on the market
  • Comfort level is managed with numbing gel and cold rollers
  • Provides more consistent results
  • Eliminate an image that has lost significance

Conditions Treated:

  • Professional and Amateur Tattoos
  • Traumatic tattoos resulting from accidents
  • Cosmetic Tattoos

Suggested Products:

  • Cytoderma Advanced Scar Gel
  • Vivier V-Stat Advanced Scar Gel
  • Lymphatic Drainer

dependent on the tattoo size


3 to 8