Relaxation Detox Facial

Cleanse and detoxify your face with a Relaxation Detox Facial. This treatment helps to improve your skin’s luminosity, stimulates lymphatic drainage and will help purify your skin.

A relaxing touch will help you unwind and encourage positive mental health through deep relaxation facial massage. If you hold tension in your face, regular facials will stimulate circulation and relax facial strain.

This type of facial is great if you have sensitive skin or it is your first time receiving a professional skin care treatment. You can expect immediate results including refreshed, dewy skin and an elevated mood.

Benefits of Relaxation Detox Facial:

  • Look and feel rejuvenated
  • Skin is hydrated & glowing
  • Safe for all stages of pregnancy
  • Very relaxing

Conditions Treated:

  • Dull, dry skin
  • Pregnancy-related skin issues
  • Stress
  • Can help with mild headaches

Suggested Products:

  • Vivier Ultimage Hydrating Gel
  • Endor Anti Aging Nutritive Cream
  • Newco Kiwi Facial Lotion

60 minutes


4 per year

None to Mild