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How Can Manual Osteopathy Help

What is Manual Osteopathy Manual Osteopathy is a form of hands-on therapy with a primary focus of restoring function and reducing or eliminating pain by directly addressing the root causes.  Manual Osteopathy is divided into four main sub-disciplines:  Osteo-articular adjustments,  Fascial release,  Cranial-sacral techniques and  Visceral Manipulation Manual Osteopaths are trained in all four disciplines …

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5 pillars that make up a healthy, balanced body and mind

1. SLEEP ~ Research shows several tasks are carried out during sleep to help humans stay healthy and functioning their best. Your brain is hard at work forming pathways necessary for learning, accessing memories and creating new insights. Lack of sleep can affect your behaviour and cause problems with mood, ability to focus, attention and …

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Bad posture?

It begins with structure and we are here to help with Osteopathy, Massage therapy and Craniosacral Therapy. Here’s some tips: ~ Muscles to Stretch~ 1. Suboccipitals 2. Pecs 3. Hip Flexors 4. Hamstrings ~Muscles to Strengthen~ 1. Mid- and Lower-Trapezius 2. Anterior & Posterior Core 3. Glute Muscles Poor posture can cause a variety of …

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