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craniosacral treatment Calgary Meet Pam, RMT & BSc

Pam believes treating the pain symptom is nice however her approach is to find the underlying cause of pain and dysfunction. This way her treatments are more effective in the long term. Pam has a Bachelor of Science in biomechanics and holds several certifications in specific Massage modalities and therapies.

Pam is currently concentrating on two primary modalities CranioSacral treatments and Visceral Manipulation.

CranioSacral treatments focus primarily on the fascia around the brain and spinal cord. This helps re-balance the sympathetic (fight or flight) and parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous systems leaving people feeling calm and relaxed after a treatment. Treating restrictions in these tissues can help address headaches, hormonal imbalances, post-traumatic stress, jaw pain, back pain, and digestive troubles, among many others.

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Visceral Manipulation is fascia around the visceral organs where they attach to the respiratory diaphragm, the spine and back body wall, and the pelvic floor. Visceral Manipulation techniques gently cradle an organ and use it as a handle to stretch and release restrictions in the abdomen. From personal experience, Pam can tell you that it is amazing to discover how restrictions in this area have been contributing to ongoing pain in the hips, back, shoulders and neck and promoting poor posture.

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Special Offer:
Anyone who completes 3 treatments in 2022 with Pam will receive a complimentary treatment in 2023.