Massage therapy and your car

What would massage therapy and your car have in common?

Have you ever looked at buying a used car?  What sort of things were important on your list? I bet a key thing you looked for is a car that was well maintained, had regular oil changes, and wasn’t prone to breakdown.  Deep tissue massage therapy Calgary SE

If you take care of your car, have its oil changed regularly, change out the battery when needed and perform regular maintenance on it, then why aren’t you taking care of yourself in the same way?

Practicing good health maintenance for yourself can help prevent your body from breaking down.  Most people feel good until they don’t and as a result they’re always reacting instead of being proactive.  Did you know that being proactive by maintaining your body and mind can save you from unnecessary illnesses, pain, and stress?  There are many things you can do in order to maintain good health including meditation, regular exercise, eating right, and massage therapy.

Massage therapy is one way of maintaining good health.
Massage therapy is an excellent way to maintain your mind and body in good shape. This modality is increasingly being used as standard treatment for a large range of medical conditions.  Studies have shown that regular massage therapy can help:

  • • anxiety,
  • • headaches,
  • • fibromyalgia,
  • • sports injuries,
  • • joint pain
  • • soft tissue strains or injuries and
  • • countless other health issues.

Massage therapy is a great tool in preventing illness. 
When you receive a massage treatment, it reduces your stress hormones and detoxifies your body, allowing your immune system to function better and in turn allows your body to fight off viruses and colds in a much more efficient way. Massage also helps circulate blood through your body bringing oxygen and nutrients to your muscles and organs. It helps your lymphatic system drain body toxins and other harmful materials.

Massage therapy helps prevent muscle injury and pain.
In addition to preventing illness, massage therapy is also very beneficial in preventing muscle pain.  We are talking about muscle injury and acute pain from:

  • • working out,
  • • taking part in sports,
  • • physically demanding jobs, or
  • • even from desk jobs, where your shoulders and lower back are strained from sitting too long.

These injuries and related pain are preventable by making sure your self-care regime involves regular massage therapy.  Far too often people seek a massage once they are in pain from straining their backs or other muscles. You can avoid acute muscle pain and strain by maintaining good health through massage therapy.

You would never let your oil changes go so far that your engine would break down and you should never let your body go so far that you find yourself sick and in tremendous pain.  Regular health maintenance is an important part of being and staying well

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