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Interview – How can Osteopathy help?

A brief interview with Dan Renaud,
in training to be a Manual Osteopath

Question: There is a new service you are providing at Relaxing Wellness Company,  in Douglasdale, Calgary, called Manual Osteopathy. I was wondering if you could elaborate more on what is Manual Osteopathy.

Dan: Osteopathic Manual Practice is a form of manual therapy that looks at the body as a whole in mind, body and spirit. The osteopathic treatment philosophy seeks to identify areas of the body that are restricted or constricted and then gently ease these restrictions so that normal function can resume.

Question: Let’s say I have back pain, how can you help me with the use of osteopathy? shoulder pain, Calgary, neck pain, Calgary se, Douglasdale, McKenzie Lake, knee pain, lower back pain, chiropractor

Dan: Absolutely, if you came into our clinic and were experiencing low back pain, I would ask you some basic questions to identify a history. Questions may include:

  • How it did it happen?
  • How long have you had the injury for?
  • Did you recall anything unusual that precipitated the low back pain?

I will do range of motion testing to see if there are any restrictions. I will palpate to see what the muscle tissue feels like under my fingers.  I will also do orthopedic testing to find out if the issue requires more diagnostic testing and evaluation.

Once I determine it is safe to proceed I will apply the joint mobilizations to loosen up the area. When I say joint mobilization, it’s a softer and slower approach that is different from chiropractic manipulation.

After I have mobilized the area,  I will apply muscular energy technique and help the individual gently stretch to further facilitate muscular or myofascial release. From here I will work above and below the area of complaint and repeat both the mobilization and muscular energy technique.

Based on the findings and outcome of the treatment I will suggest a stretching routine for the client to work on at home. Once I see some improvement in a clients range of motion and a decrease in pain, I will start engaging in muscular strengthening to aid in rehabilitation of the affected areas.

Question: Ok, so this is a softer approach. So whoever is afraid of going to a chiropractor, or doesn’t want to, this may help.

Dan: Yes.

Question: We always have to take care of ourselves so the homework will help, right?

Dan: The homework is key. At the end of the day I’m a facilitator of health, I do not cure. It is my goal through education and communication the clients will take ownership in their healthcare, and be committed to the healing process.

UPDATE: Dan Renaud is a fully licensed osteopath now.


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