5 pillars that make up a healthy, balanced body and mind

1. SLEEP ~ Research shows several tasks are carried out during sleep to help humans stay healthy and functioning their best. Your brain is hard at work forming pathways necessary for learning, accessing memories and creating new insights. Lack of sleep can affect your Wellness company Calgary SE behaviour and cause problems with mood, ability to focus, attention and reflexes. Long term, chronic lack of sleep can increase obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular issues and decrease the body’s ability to resist infection. Sleep is vital to our wellbeing.

2. MINDSET ~ Healthy mind equals healthy body. More evidence is linking mindset and being present to health and wellbeing, performing better at work and in athletic events. Nurturing ones own mental health can also help prevent mental health problems associated with a chronic physical condition.

3. PLAY ~ Humans of all ages benefit from cognitive play. Play helps release endorphins; “the body’s own feel good chemicals.” These hormones promote a sense of wellbeing and offer temporarily relief of pain. The social benefit of play helps stimulate the mind to ward off stress and depression. Play can boost energy, vitality and creativity. Find strategies to incorporate play in your life to help you feel and look your best naturally.

4. FOOD ~ Our North American diet contributes to obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes psychological disorders and all inflammation related disease. Current research on the microbiome proves food is associated with anemia, depression, learning and behavioural problems and unhealthy gut. Understanding the connections between food and wellbeing is imperative in maintaining health.

5. MOVEMENT ~ Exercise is one of the most effective ways to improve your overall mental and physical health. By increasing activity the risk of hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancers, and Alzheimer’s all decrease.

Activities that best suits your current ability, budget and lifestyle will provide the most health benefits because you will stick with them long after the New Year’s resolution!