Body Sculpting – Special Offer

If you have been thinking about body sculpting to melt away those stubborn areas of fat that have not responded well with diet and exercise, this is the time to do it!

With payment plans, you can start SculpSure for just $50 a month.⁠

  body scultping offer at Calgary SE, Douglasdale medi sp(details available through medicard financing)⁠

SculpSure is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment that’s designed to target and reduce stubborn pockets of excess fat.

Look and feel your best naturally.

Schedule your complimentary consultation!

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👉 SculpSure is a Health Canada authorized fat reduction and body contouring application that uses heat.
👉 It’s a non-invasive 25-minute treatment that garners very natural results ⁠
👉 It is designed to spread heat beyond the edges of treatment areas, facilitating natural-looking results. ⁠


2 thoughts on “Body Sculpting – Special Offer”

  1. These wellness companies have the best body sculpting experience and even these offers seem legit. I will surely give this a go.

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