How Can Manual Osteopathy Help

What is Manual Osteopathy

Calgary Manual Osteopathy treatments Manual Osteopathy is a form of hands-on therapy with a primary focus of restoring function and reducing or eliminating pain by directly addressing the root causes. 

Manual Osteopathy is divided into four main sub-disciplines: 

  1. Osteo-articular adjustments, 
  2. Fascial release, 
  3. Cranial-sacral techniques and 
  4. Visceral Manipulation

Calgary Manual Ostepathy treatments seniors pain managment Manual Osteopaths are trained in all four disciplines and use each technique depending on the patient. 

Manual Osteopaths treat the underlying cause of pain by addressing stiffness in muscles and joints and increasing range of motion for people. They improve posture and alignment addressing root causes of pain. They can target the function of the organs, and greatly improve digestion, women’s health issues such as menstrual pain, peri and post menopausal symptoms. Manual Osteopathy is also a great treatment for headaches and migraines.

Benefits of Manual Osteopathy?

Manual Osteopathy is an effective treatment for pain, and other forms of acute and chronic injury. It can be an alternative to / or complimentary to other forms of therapy such as massage, physio or chiropractic treatments. Always make sure your practitioners are aware of the types of therapies you’re using, so that they can work together to ensure you’re receiving the most effective treatment.

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Common reasons people seek out Manual Osteopathy & Conditions Manual Osteopathy treats
  • To get support after a traumatic injury, or injury that is causing chronic pain
  • Assists in the healing of a sports injury
  • Support with women’s health issues including postpartum, perimenopause, and menopause.
    This includes help with bladder control, hot flashes and more
  • Help with digestive issues
  • Assistance with the reduction of migraine headaches and more

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