Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal Calgary Ever wonder how laser hair removal works? How does a laser actually remove body hair?

Do you wonder if it’s right for you? If it will hurt, or if it even works?

Let’s discuss what laser hair removal actually is, how it works, and what you can expect when receiving laser hair removal at our studio here in SE Calgary.

Laser hair removal is one of the most commonly done cosmetic procedures in North America and has been around for almost 30 years.  Although the technology has gotten much better and more sophisticated since Mariah Carey topped the charts, the principle behind laser hair removal remains the same.

Laser hair removal is the process of removing hair by exposing hair follicles to pulses of laser light which eventually destroys the hair follicle.

Our studio uses IPL technology (intensive pulse light).  This technology is non-invasive and will reduce or permanently stop hair growth in targeted areas of your body. A beam of intense pulsed light targets the hair follicles destroying them, stopping them from future hair growth, and leaving your skin unchanged.

Our studio has several technologies available for laser hair removal, if you have specific questions for your skin and hair type specifically, ask us at your next appointment or schedule a skin consultation.


Does laser hair removal hurt?

This is a common question with varying answers.  The truth is, to some it may not feel like much and for others, it may be a bit painful.  From years of feedback from our clients, we’ve determined that your pain level will be anywhere from mild to moderate.

With any treatment at Relaxing Wellness, including laser hair removal, your well-being and comfort are a top priority.  We will do everything we can do to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible and will tailor sessions to you as needed.


What does laser hair removal feel like?

 Some say it feels like a snapping rubber band onto your skin for a quick second, others feel a quick hot prick or something in-between. The degree to which you feel these sensations will vary.  What it will feel like for you will also depend on the area of your body being treated.  Your legs have tougher skin and may feel less sensation than a sensitive spot such as your armpits.

Regardless of the level of discomfort, the pain you experience will be far less than a waxing session or nicking yourself with a razor. OUCH


Does laser hair removal work and does it last?

Yes, it will remove or significantly reduce hair, in the areas you treat, depending on various factors. We have several technologies available at our studio.

During your consultation our skincare experts can help you determine if laser hair removal is the best fit for you.


How many treatments do I need to see results?

Treatment will take place over the course of several sessions. Each person is different regarding the number of sessions they require.  There are several factors that determine this.  Our standard recommendation is that you purchase a 3 session package, as this is an average amount of treatments and the discount for this laser hair removal package is one of our best deals.

At the end of the day, laser hair removal is an investment for long-term results. Your treated areas will never look better or feel smoother. You can say goodbye to painful waxing, weekly threading, and daily shaving.


If you’re considering laser hair removal or any other med spa treatments, give us a call, leave a comment or schedule a consultation.