Women’s Health and Osteopathy

A woman’s health journey is full of different moments and shifts starting with a monthly cycle and ending with menopause. Thankfully there are many different methods and modalities out there that can help us be and feel our best naturally. One of these is Osteopathy. 

Osteopathy-for-women-in-Calgary Our needs as women vary depending on where we are in our journey in life.  The menstrual cycle is a natural process but can cause cramps, pelvic congestion and literally a drag on our body. Pregnancy and childbirth also have a major effect on our bodies and result in a variety of symptoms. Perimenopause and menopause also come with their own unique symptoms. 

At Relaxing Wellness we see many women in their prenatal and postnatal phases of their pregnancy.  Common concerns are lower back pain and pelvic issues. 

Pregnancy can take a major toll on our bodies because of major hormonal and physical shifts happening in the body. Osteopathy helps heal and get our bodies back to optimal levels using safe, tailored  adjustments.  osteopathy-for-menopause

Many of our clients prefer osteopathy to other methods because it is gentler than other modalities and takes into consideration the whole body and person; it is not a one size fits all solution. 

Women experience each phase of their life uniquely, some may have no problems during transition where others may have many. 

Menopause is a transition that each woman experiences differently. Menopause causes a decrease and change in sex hormones which can also affect our other hormone symptoms including thyroid and adrenal function. This  causes us to go through many new shifts and issues.  The body may become slightly more inflamed, joints may ache, and feel stiffer, new pelvic floor problems such as tightness and pain may arise, libidos may decrease, and energy levels lower, just to name a few. 

 During this significant change in a woman’s life it is important to listen to our bodies and address emotional and physical needs, as they arise.

Using Osteopathy to help with menopause may not be something you first think of however, it  offers a unique and effective way to address many of the physical symptoms and in doing so has an effect on emotional well-being too. 

Chantel is one of our Manual Osteopaths at Relaxing Wellness. She has passion for women’s health and has treated a number of women going through menopause. She has been able to customize treatments for each client and has had great success in helping women through this shift in life. 

womens-health-Calgary-SE Osteopathy may be the answer you are looking for and is covered by most insurance providers.  

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All new patients scheduling an initial consultation with Chantel will be gifted a complimentary 30 minute follow up appointment.

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Small changes can make a big difference.