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Laser Hair Removal – 5 Benefits

5 Reasons You Should Use Laser Hair Removal It’s a boring day and your friends just called you to go swimming with them. Sounds great, it’s going to be fun. But wait, oh no, you have not shaved your legs …
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Relaxation Detox Facial

Sensational summer skin Clear is just around the corner! Summer is an excellent time to show off your beautiful skin.  Pampering yourself with a facial at our spa is easy and relaxing. Benefits of our medical grade facial: • Helps …
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5 Reasons to See a Reflexologist

reflexology Calgary SE
Most of us have already heard about reflexology and know it is one of the most efficient methods of integrative medicine. By applying pressure on the client’s feet and hands the reflexologist affects the reflex points that correspond with different …
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Relaxing Wellness at Calgary Foothills Invitational Cup

Relaxing Wellness is participating as the on site aid station and one of the Official Sponsors of the Calgary Foothills Invitational Cup. Check out the action this weekend (starting Thursday, May 4th) You can check out up to date scores …
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Massage therapy and your car

What would massage therapy and your car have in common? Have you ever looked at buying a used car?  What sort of things were important on your list? I bet a key thing you looked for is a car that …
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Osteopathy treatment

Osteopathy is a philosophy of health based on the following principles: 1) The body is a unit. 2) Structure and function are reciprocally inter-related. 3) The body possesses self-regulatory mechanisms. 4) The body has the inherent capacity to defend and …
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Valentine’s Day Gift Card

Sweetheart Special 2017 Purchase a $100 Gift Card for Valentine’s Day towards any of our services and receive a BONUS Gift Certificate for a 30 minute Specialized Facial Treatment. Valued at $75. Offer ends Feb 14th. Our specialized facial treatments …
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Bad posture?

It begins with structure and we are here to help with Osteopathy, Massage therapy, Acupuncture and Craniosacral Therapy. Here’s some tips: ~ Muscles to Stretch~ 1. Suboccipitals 2. Pecs 3. Hip Flexors 4. Hamstrings ~Muscles to Strengthen~ 1. Mid- and …
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Why visit our Wellness Centre in Calgary SE

Our team will get you back doing what you love!      • Osteopathy      • Massage      • Acupuncture      • Homeopathy      • Reiki      • Reflexology It all starts with Alignment so …
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Thank You for attending our Open House party!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.♥